Frameless Shower Door Options

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There are many options when choosing a frameless shower.

From the color of the hardware, thickness of the glass, height, door placement and more.

There are many different color options for frameless shower hardware. Usually you would go with a color that matches all the other hardware and fixtures in your bathroom, but being creative is up to you.

There are different hinge styles, handle styles, and glass clips and channels used to secure the glass. If you are hiring a contractor, they can help in deciding whats best for your scenario.

As far as glass thickness, 95% of the time, a frameless shower enclosure is going to be 3/8″ thick. 1/2″ glass can be used if you simply want a heavier look and feel or if you have larger pieces of glass that may need to be a little more sturdy. 1/4″ glass is rarely used for completely frameless showers. There are different hardware options to give 1/4″ glass a more “frameless” look but usually it would be what’s called a semi-frameless shower enclosure.


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