Frameless Shower Doors 101

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By Jason C Quick

You’ll have many decisions to make when shopping for a shower door, one of which is whether you want it framed or frameless. Both of these types are unique and offer different benefits in functionality and appeal, which is why it’s important to take the time to choose the right one. Here, we’ll take a look at frameless shower and doors and see how they compare to framed.

In terms of price, framed shower doors are going to be cheaper than frameless. One of the reasons for this is because framed doors usually use a thinner and cheaper type of glass which is supported by the framed enclosure. Using a thin framed glass door is completely functional, but it doesn’t look as finished and high-quality as thicker glass doors do.

Another problem with using framed shower doors is that mold and mildew colonies will thrive in the hinges where you can’t clean. This will lead to a dirty-looking shower in which you may have to replace the hinges later down the road. If you do decide on a frameless door, do your best to keep the frames clean by frequently spraying them with a one part bleach, 9 parts water formula. This will help eliminate the microscopic invaders.

If you really want your shower to look its best, you should consider installing a frameless door for the shower. These doors are free-standing and don’t require the support of an aluminum frame. The result is a higher-quality, more durable and overall better-looking door.

Frameless shower doors are typically made with a thick glass that’s supported with heavy-duty hinges on the wall and shower. Because they don’t use the support a frame, frameless doors must have a strong connection to the hinges. When installing one, it’s important you secure the hinges as tightly as possible onto the door. If it’s too loose, it may not offer enough support to hold a heavy, frameless shower door.

When comparing the framed and frameless shower door side-by-side, most people will say the frameless looks better. It’s a cleaner, more sophisticated look that still puts an emphasis on functionality. After all, the frameless shower is made to be as simple as possible, even more-so than the framed doors.

If you decide on upgrading to a frameless shower door, you’ll have to decide what material you want to go with. Most frameless doors use a thick panel of glass panes, but some are made with tempered glass, plexiglass and clear glass. Go to your local hardware store and take a look at the different types to see which ones you like best.

Traditionally, most of the shower doors in the past were made with frames. Now, though, homeowners everywhere are choosing frameless doors because of their unique style and durability. Adding a frameless shower door is one of the easiest do-it-yourself projects out there. Spend a day or so upgrading to a frameless and you’ll see an increase in your homes overall value.

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