Install Your Own Frameless Shower Door and Save

Are you handy or know someone who is? You can upgrade that ugly shower enclosure or door with our service and save.


First Step

Purchase our service below securely using Paypal. It's only $27.00 and will save you hundreds.


Third Step

We will email you the drawings with all the appropriate sizes within 24 hours (most of the time it's within a few hours at the most.) We will also give you a quote on the hardware needed for your install. You can buy from us or from your local glass company.


Second Step

You will receive the package via email. Choose the appropriate template that matches your configuration and fill in all the sizes. Email or fax them to us. As long as you fill in all the blanks we will have all the measurements we need to calculate the glass sizes.


Fourth Step

Take the drawings to your local glass company and order the glass exactly as drawn. They will be able to order or make your glass with the drawings with no additional information. Make sure you get your hardware. Install and enjoy.

What we do is provide the drawings and specifications of the glass for your frameless shower. We take your sizes and make the necessary deductions for a proper fit. Also in the drawings are the appropriate sizes and location of all the hardware components. You can then take those drawings to your local glass company (or glass distributor in some cases) and order the glass direct.

  • You will receive templates of the different configurations. Just pick yours and fill in the blanks with your measurements.
  • You will receive instructions on how to install a frameless shower enclosure.
  • We will tell you the basic tools needed to complete the installation. (You probably have everything already)
  • We will give you a list of all the required hardware needed and a quote of the price if you order from us. (simply email us back saying you want the hardware and we will email you a link to pay for it) We will ship it to your address for free.
So what are you waiting for? Order today for only $27.00